Artist biography

She started about 1978, working for some of the most important pottery workshops in the town of La Rambla.

Her first exhibition was in 1982, in the Palacio de la Merced in Córdoba, when she was only 18 years old.

She worked in collaboration with the famous sculptor, painter and potter Alfonso Ariza, who made her stand out due to all her work, as a pottery painter.

Medalla de plata de Alfonso Ariza

In 1984 established Cerámica Catalina Alcaide and in 1995 Cerámica Alcaide S.C., the last one maintained the same name from 2003,Cerámica C.Alcaide®, S.C.A.


A couple of times she has been interviewed on some Radio and TV stations like Canal Sur and Antena 3.  

Entrevista de Antena3


At the moment, in her studio a great number of pieces are made, all hand painted with special care and design, everything for the customer to delight their eyes. Among all her work, is appropiate to underline the portrait, heraldic, mural painting, notice, ordered pieces and all the combination as possible they are.