Art, tradition and innovation

Art: Our pieces are pure art, inspiration, all hand painted and all they have an authentic certificate that keep the singularity of all of them.
It is possible to do poetry with the paint, and this is what we have done with all our pieces, they are full of verses and the love and care we put in their creation can be seend easily.


Tradition: Pottery is not an innovation in the town of La Rambla. From the 15th Century there has been a historical tradition that defines it as autocton and original work. A job that has been handed down from one generation to another, paintbrushes and potter's wheels from fathers to sons.


Innovation: But tradition is not opposite to invenction or innovation, or to the art of aplying new techniques. This is the way it happens in our workshop, both tradition and innovation are complementary: thundreads of years of tradition mixed with the latest art to result pure art.